Join the Fight Against Waste in Toulon - Give and Get Free Items

Toulon, with its majestic port and Mediterranean landscapes, invites warm and generous sharing. Here's how you can get involved in the Geev community: Pick up beach or diving gear near Mourillon to fully enjoy the Toulon coastline, Donate books or games in the Pont-du-Las neighborhood, promoting culture and entertainment throughout the city, Adopt gardening tools or plants in the west of the city to beautify Toulon’s balconies and gardens... In Toulon, each donation or adoption is a step towards a more sustainable future, where environmental respect and mutual support are at the heart of actions.

Imagine meeting up at Place de la Liberté to swap fashion clothing and accessories, creating moments of warmth and shared experiences. The vibrant atmosphere of the city center will make these moments even more unforgettable. Water sports enthusiasts might gather at Toulon's port to give or receive sailing or fishing equipment, taking advantage of the closeness to the sea. For donating DIY tools or decorative items, the Saint-Jean du Var neighborhood provides an ideal setting, where residents can meet and exchange effortlessly. What will you choose to give or adopt in Toulon? Join the dynamic Geev community and contribute to making Toulon even more united and committed to reducing waste.