Discover all the things in Rennes

Capital of Brittany, Rennes surprises with its richness and beauty. This bright city is home to many generous people who believe in a circular economy: Donate free furniture in Place des Lices in Rennes, and take the opportunity to eat the sausage pancake you've been craving, Get a hooded coat in front of Saint-Pierre Cathedral. It's good timing, because you'll need cover in Rennes. Pick up this set of dishes and kitchen accessories in front of the Portes Mordelaises: you always wanted to see the Royal Gate.

Donate this dog food for puppies, since Casper has moved on to adult kibble. You will chat for a long time with Leïla, who has come to pick it up in your district of Thabor / Saint-Hélier. She will tell you that she too lived there. You'll offer her a tea inside to get to know each other better. Collect some jewels in front of the Rennes City Hall, donated by Marion. You love them so much that you will wear them this evening at your girls' dinner at a restaurant in Place Saint-Michel in Rennes. And then, you will ask Marion to join you ... Pick up these decorative items and small frames donated by Fred, a student Geever who is leaving Brittany. They will go perfectly in your apartment in Place Sainte-Anne, which is still empty, since you just moved in. Fred will share some tips about the city as you sit together on the terrace sipping on iced tea. What stories will you tell as you give away and pick up items in Rennes?