Discover all the free stuff in Montpellier

Montpellier, the city that sounds hot, breathes the sun, and smells of the south and good humour. In addition to walking around, you can: - Donate free furniture at Place de la Comédie, admire the opera house, and take a ride around the merry-go-round, while you do... - Claim a bike to get to Place Royale, and ride on the Promenade du Peyrou, - Collect donated clothes in front of Saint Peter's Cathedral, to admire the porch (and be well-dressed all year round).

Montpellier, a bright city where life is good, opens its doors to us to donate what we no longer use, to bing joy to others, collect objects, fight against waste and preserve our planet. Culture lovers will donate their clothes in front of the Fabre Museum in Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, considered one of the most beautiful Fine Arts Museums in Europe. Why not take a look inside and with another Geever, while you're at it. After all, culture is what prevails when you have forgotten everything. In front of L'arch de Triomphe of Montpellier, pick up food to fight food waste. Nathalie emptied her fridge before going away and didn't want to throw away this sour cream and potatoes, among others. If she doesn't leave until tomorrow, we will suggest that she come to eat gratin Dauphinois this evening, with Aunt Lili. No fuss. No frills. Then, you'll wander the Jardin des plantes in Montpellier with a full heart because you sorted through your stuff and gave away the things you didn't need. Not to mention, you picked up that amazing stool for your kitchen. And you'll remember meeting Nathalie, which makes you want to repeat the process all over again. How about you? What's your best Geev story?