Fight waste in Bordeaux. Give away or pick up items or food!

Bordeaux, the sleeping beauty, is also the pearl of the Aquitaine. Precious and sparkling, she is the perfect place for donations and meetings. Where in Bordeaux can you pick up objects for free? This magical city inspires the desire to: - pick up a bathing suit in Place de la Bourse, to canon ball into the water with - give away a free bike in Place Gambetta, so as not to leave it on the Porte Dijeau - nab a card game in Allées de Tourny to play magician To reduce waste and do something good for the planet, make a donation in Bordeaux with care and reuse objects by picking them up with kindness.

Geevers gather at Place de la Comédie to give away dishes no longer in use, but that can still serve many meals. Maybe they'll hear music coming from l'Opéra National de Bordeaux. Sometimes it's ok to mix business and pleasure. Market lovers donate used clothing in Bordeaux on a Sunday morning, by making an appointment to meet at Capucins, Saint-Michel or Halles de Bacalan. After feeling the ambiance and seeing the joy on the woman who came to pick it up's face, you almost regret not adding that gray scarf they haven't worn in awhile. So they suggest meeting up again. To give more. Giving amplifies our joy and wellbeing. It encourages us to savour the moment. And when it's paired with the smell of a rotisserie chicken cooking at the market, it's nothing less than ecstasy. You decide to meet a generous person at the Jardin Public to collect some toys. You'll bring some pastries to say thanks. And why not enjoy them together, as you go watch the ducks with the kids? You might find yourself at the Chartrons or Places des Quinconces to give away furniture, as they are home to many antique dealers. You fit right in. Maybe you'll take the opportunity to walk along the quays to the Place de la Bourse, to see the Garonne and soak in the atmosphere. Giving is freeing. But also happy, because you made someone's day. And this walk will remind you that life is beautiful. What will you give away or pick up in Bordeaux?