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Give away your furniture and get new stuff! Furniture adorns our interiors and serves as the backdrop for our most intimate moments. By giving away furniture, you're taking care of the planet. You're recycling and helping to reduce overproduction. You're also making someone happy and that's pretty priceless. In its new home your table will harbour secrets again. It'll be a place for homework and other children. It'll unite a new family. Giving isn't limited to a single moment, generosity endures.

Pick up that free sofa to complete your living room. It'll see new lovers embrace, other sports nights, and special moments. You remember the day you got it from that Geever who handed it over with kindness. The charm in your living room is, in part, because of him. Giving away furniture like chairs, stools, beds, and tables creates a more circular economy. Picking up used items has the same effect, which is great because you can do both on Geev. So, how will you furnish your interior?