Zero-waste in Marseille!

Donate and pick up free objects in Marseille, a special, bright and generous city: - donate clothes on the Old Port of Marseille and admire the boats, - pick up free books in front of the Notre-Dame de la Garde Basilica, or this ""Good Mother"" night light, - Collect these toys and games in front of the Cantini Museum, and take the opportunity to have a look inside. Marseille is an invitation to donation and generosity. Go to the fish market in the Old Port to give away a basket of vegetables that you will not eat. Youve have your dose of carrots from the garden... Lisa, who came to pick it up while shopping, will offer you a coffee to say thank you.

Collect electronics in front of the MuCEM of Marseille, since you have never seen its collections. To get there, you will pass through Place Bargemon, then Hôtel-Dieu in Marseille and finally Place de Lenche. How lovely the atmosphere is. To thank Florent, your Geever, you will bring him a chichi frégi ... And take one for yourself. Go to the Panier to pick up baby clothes for Leah. The tiny dresses will fit her like a glove. To thank Anne-Laure, the generous mom who gives without asking for anything in return, you make pancakes… While sipping your next coffee at the Noailles market in Marseille, you will think back to the food donation you made before going on vacation. You'll remember Elsa's smile, who was too happy to take the basket off your hands. It puts an extra pep in your step as you walk down the Cours Julien and the small streets of the Plaine. What makes you happy in Marseille?